“Altar Rock” pre-production meeting

Since the film “Altar Rock” is finally coming to a streaming service near you, I’m going to share some photos from the process of preparing the film for production.

Above is the full pre-production meeting immediately prior to the shoot in Plymouth, Massachusetts. This is where we read through the script and address all issues the various departments are responsible for as those elements appear. Costumes, props, locations, stunts, and permits are covered, usually as overseen here by the assistant director. The director is more focused on story-boarding, or blocking the action of each scene from the script, and working with the actors on their performances.

My seat was in the center of the table on the right side there, and my role was to sit back and listen to the script being read, and possibly answer any questions about intentions or specifics relevant to the production needs. If only the rest of the production and post-production went as smoothly as this meeting did. More on that next time.

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