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One thing at a time (what a concept!)

Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010

The greatest advantage a writer has over everyone else in the world is that we can entertain ourselves with only a pen and paper. That’s all we need.

The apocalypse could arrive, civilization devastated, every electronic device rendered useless, every transmitter a worthless tower, every battery a fading power, every cable cut or disconnected.

But a writer can still connect to a power within and deliver … to a piece of paper, a tablet, a wall and record creativity there for amusement, enlightenment, entertainment, prosperity or posterity, history or hysterics.

A writer can summon it all.

In that respect, we are all powerful.

But we, like everyone else (whether they admit it), can only do one thing of true value at a time.

Despite the temptations bombarding our society today at any given second – to split our focus, distract our eye, dilute our vision, or fragment our consciousness … we understand that no great sum ever came from division.

The single focus task, whether driving, listening to music, admiring art, performing sex, or writing is a PURE task, a competent task, a complete task, the most fulfilling task. It is a task that is the SUM of our faculties and not just a piece or fragment of our concentration or consciousness.

And it’s for that reason I’ll be back to this blog after I finish re-writing a screenplay first.

— A. Wayne Carter