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“Altar Rock” now “Dead Reckoning”

Wednesday, September 2nd, 2020

So they renamed my film “Altar Rock” to “Dead Reckoning.” There are only about 60 other film and TV projects named “Dead Reckoning,” but what are you gonna do? The distributors, Shout Factory, obviously decided that was a more commercial title and it’s their product now. The original title was very closely involved with the story and location and tied to key elements, but they figured it might be confusing to millennials, I guess. Good luck with “Chinatown,” another thriller confusingly named after a location tied to the story in the film.

The good news is that it will be available on Amazon and On Demand November 13. So look for it under this title and be merciful that these things get out of the control of the original writers and take on a life of their own, so hopefully you will enjoy the final product, which very much preserves the original premise, story, and sequence of events. Post your reviews here, but only if they’re positive, ha ha.