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A. Wayne Carter (WGA w)

1. “TIMELESS” (metaphysical action romance) College student Terri Ingels, plagued by out-of-body experiences and disturbing visions, takes off with older, psychic-debunker author, Nick Matheson, in a world-wide quest that leads them from Stonehenge to the ancient temples of K’enko, Peru, where they discover the terrible secret of their relationship as reincarnated souls doomed to re-enact a centuries-old duel to the death. Can they break the curse?

2. “TRAUMATIZED” (character suspense drama) In a moment of impulsive self sabotage, a millionaire techie CEO picks up a street hooker only to witness her brutal murder by a psycho cop - her ex. The CEO seeks redemption by rescuing the woman’s 6-year old son from a foster home, only to have the cop (the boy’s father) hunt them both down to try and clean his own slate. Co-written with novelist Roger “Buzz” King (Silicon Songs).

3. “PITCH DARK” (mystery thriller) Down-on-his-luck musician has a party for all of his best friends and discovers that a glass object stolen that night is used in a brutal murder by a serial killer who is triggered to kill by a frequency or “pitch.” Hero sets out to secretly uncover which friend is really the “Broken Glass Killer.”

4. “NATURAL HIGH” (family comedy with edge) Twelve year-old Tommy Gallipiano causes mass hysteria in a small uptight town when he fakes his way through a class science project using an empty mayonnaise jar he claims has a new “gas” element he invented. It’s a simple fable about how fear feeds on ignorance (witness current events), and further proof that the truly most powerful substance in the world today is one child’s imagination igniting another’s.

5. “SLOW POISON” (action adventure) Loyal Biggs, a research computer hacker at the DEA office in Washington, D.C. longs for adventure in the worst way … and that’s just the way he gets it. Pressuring his boss with some vital information he uncovers on a ruthless Colombian drug lord, he gets his first field assignment and meets the villain … only to be poisoned and dropped into the middle of the Amazon jungle. How he survives and gets his revenge completes the tale.

6. “SECOND EFFORT” (tearjerker drama) Father-son tale about football hero, Billy Cregar, whose career is ended by an injury. He decides to finally become a father to his 13 year-old son by his ex-wife only to have the son totally reject him. He must go back and repair his relationship with his own father before he can understand and re-approach his son in a spirited “second effort.”

7. “OBITUARY” (drama) A story with a “sting” about a newspaper reporter who creates a criminal to make copy and how it backfires on him.

8. “RECESS” (comedy) “Forrest Gump”-style story about the lifetime adventures of a character that take place in the mind of a young boy in a 24-hour coma.

9. “THE MAN WHO HAD THE ABILITY TO ENJOY LIFE” (fantasy romantic comedy) A man with an international reputation for making people feel good tackles his toughest assignment ever - saving a beautiful rich girl from depression. In the process, he falls for her and loses a piece of his own “ability.”

10. “M-PATH” (psychological science fiction thriller) A small town experiment using a sophisticated natural language computer designed for practical assistance goes awry when all of its users become psychologically addicted to its emotional advice instead. (Jim Cameron was attached to direct this as a Canadian production at one point).

11. “BUM CARGO” (Capra-esque comedy) Maritime museum curator Maybin Baker wakes up in the middle of the ocean on a freighter full of colorful assortment of homeless people, indigents and illegal aliens down on their luck. With the help of a gorgeous Miami reporter, he rallies them into a political force to be reckoned with. Remember the garbage barge of ISLIP that nobody wanted? Imagine if that were people. As close to a Capra-style uplifting film as the cynical, know-it-all 2013 will permit. (P.S. - Read the latest news accounts and find out that New York City is actually considering the use of old cruise ships to house their more than 36,000 homeless. And when I first scripted this, it was pure fiction.)

12. “THE ROUNDHOUSE” (suspense thriller ghost story) “JAWS” on rails. The ghost of a Confederate Civil War terrorist travels like an electrical current through the train rails thwarting a contemporary cinder dick (train detective). This has action/suspense blockbuster potential. No one’s ever done anything like this.

13. “TRANCE” (aka “I PUT A SPELL ON YOU”) (suspense thriller) Private detective Michael Dove becomes ensnared in a bizarre web of sex, spells, death and intrigue when a media tycoon hires him to find out if his beautiful Creole wife is using voodoo to kill him. (Paramount Pictures still owns this script but per Business Affairs, it can be purchases for fees plus interest).

14. “SNAP OUT OF IT” (reality-based comedy fantasy) Single mother in Orlando struggling with teenage kids discovers unexpected downside to instant gratification from a cranky and obnoxious genie.


A. Wayne Carter (WGA w)

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