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Your dog is a superhero

Sunday, July 22nd, 2012

Dogs are superheroes

What is their super power?

Dogs can smell danger.

Think about it.

Can you smell danger?

Maybe you can see it or hear it or feel it.

But can you smell danger?

I doubt it.

A dog’s sense of smell is 17,000 times more powerful than a human’s.

A dog can smell a bear from 300 yards.

A dog can probably smell a fart from the space station.

They can even smell a snake.

Can YOU smell a snake?

I mean one that crawls in the grass.

Sure, we know you can smell the grass.

ANYONE can smell grass.

But you can’t smell the snake.

Your dog can.

Think about it some more.

Who does your dog like?

Who does he not like?

Which dogs does he run up to and politely sniff?

Which dogs does he bark at?

Your dog can smell danger.

And probably before you see, hear or feel it.

You dog can smell the adrenalin pumping.

You dog can tell when someone’s excited.

Even if you’re not moving a muscle.

Your dog could smell a mugger.

Your dog could smell a Philadelphia quarterback… from Atlanta.

Your dog can smell danger.

Keep him or her close.

When you can’t trust your eyes or your ears or your senses.

Your dog can smell danger.

Your dog is a superhero.

— A. Wayne Carter